Sunday, May 22, 2005

Creating the Event by wiki
by Ron Lichty

I've also put up a wiki to explore all the context for the event, as an experiment in event planning.

For the moment, only my event assistant producers -- my SIG co-chair and SofTech's program chair -- have access. But my intention is to expand from there to the moderator and panelists and perhaps wider again.

Bob Suess and I collaborated on the original event description via email. But the the event is advancing -- I'm inviting a moderator and panelists -- based on my own vision of the event. (e.g., 1) the event is about adding community and collaboration features to existing business, nonprofit, government and political campaign sites -- not about organizations whose business is this stuff, like LinkedIn or; 2) vendors can't adequately share the impact of this change -- for our panel, we must have solution builders who have seen dramatic results from implementing this stuff on their sites and ideally have been able to measure dramatic ROIs; and 3) what we want to talk about is how they identified appropriate community and collaboration features and then how they architected and evolved their solutions.)

So I'm putting all that context on the event wiki (I cross-posted some of it here in the More Event Details & Context entry, including some initial questions and some notes on ROIs that look good), and I've so far invited my assistant producers to join in -- to see if they agree with how I've put it and to tweak, suggest, edit, comment or otherwise attempt to improve it. "Do it. It's live."

This is an experiment for me, too. Including the "maybe someone will wreck it" worry. :=)

My thinking is that this truly could be a "groupware" kind of organic development of the event. We've used wikis very successfully to develop documentation. But is this an appropriate use, too?


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