Saturday, June 04, 2005

URLs: blog-building, map to services and tools, the future
by Ron Lichty

Re-architecting a website with community features: Jason Coward recounts how he relaunched web site, at the behest of its owner, online-community author David Teten (with coauthor Scott Allen, the forthcoming book by the same name, The Virtual Handshake). Here's what he did, why he did it, and how he did it while spending very little of David's money.

Highly worthwhile Map of the Social Software Landscape -- really a table of categories of community and collaboration applications areas and the companies providing solutions.

Setting up blogs at your university, college or school -- runs through some of the options for serving blogs.

Wikis foster trust: That's the word from Time magazine, in its coverage of companies setting up wikis. "Business wikis are being used for project management, mission statements and cross-company collaborations... at a hundred companies, including Nokia and Kodak." Includes a couple paragraphs of wiki history, including its founding in 1995 by programmer Ward Cunningham, a few of whose comments they share. The rest is on Wikipedia.

Not sure about this community stuff? Not yet bought in that you need to re-think how to enable communications with and among your customers, members, constituents, and clients? Consider that your next generation of customers is the current younger generation, which is growing more and more virtual. How virtual is the subject of this blog entry, Teens Set Trends in Online Interaction


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