Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Wow, this is for us p.r. and marketing types, too!
by Ron Lichty

" Wow, exciting," says Julia Glenister of The JAG Wire Group, a p.r. and marketing services group.

"It would be great if you wanted to post a comment about how particularly relevant this event is to PR and marketing types."

So PR and marketing types take note:
The Architecting Community and Collaboration Solutions event is every bit as much for you as it is for us tech types!

If you've been hoping someone would explain where blogs and wikis fit, this is it!

How does one leverage blogs and wikis to benefit their organization's goals?

It was a related set of questions I proposed to explore with a panel of all-stars in SF next Wednesday:
* Which organizations have already seen dramatic results from blogs and wikis and their ilk?
* How did they design their implementations?
* And what advice do they have for the rest of us?

I discovered that Zack Rosen, who built out DeanSpace to help make Howard Dean the best known challenger in the last election, moved his community software development efforts to the Bay Area as Civic Space Labs. Tony Christopher, who product managed development of AppleLink, Apple's long-before-the-web online system that linked it with its employees, distribution network and developers, is now helping the FAA and NASA collaborate with 200 leading aviation companies to solve the National Airspace Problem. Eugene Kim continues to consult with nonprofits and other organizations in building inter-organizational communities.

And in the corporate space, Edmunds' auto buying site and Intuit's QuickBooks group have achieved dramatic ROIs from implementing community and collaboration functionality on their sites. Their community developers, Sylvia Marino and Scott Wilder, will join with Eugene, Tony and Zack to present a panel:

Architecting Community and Collaboration Solutions event
Wednesday, July 27
San Francisco Presidio
6:30 - 9 p.m.
Pre-registration Required


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