Thursday, July 07, 2005

Great Quotes department
by Ron Lichty

Great Quotes department:

"... most significant advances in software are actually advances in user experience, not in technology.

"Mosaic was not an advancement in technology over TBL's original browser. Blogger is a highly-specialized FTP client. IM is IRC++.

"The advantages that these applications offered people were user experience-oriented, not technology-oriented."
--Jason Kottke, as shared in a talk at BayCHI by last month's speaker, Evan Williams, CEO and Co-founder of Odeo

Says the writeup of the talk in this month's BayCHI newsletter, "Odeo is Evan's new project after leaving Google last year. Odeo is just about six months old. On his blog, Evan talks about how he and Noah Glass (also from Google) came to start Odeo. True to his belief that the next killer web application will be built using available technologies, Odeo is about improving user experience in audio creation and download." The blog entry also recounts some podcasting history...

World Is Changing department

Jason's site notes that a Wikipedia page about the London bombing is already being filled out.

It really makes one have to ask what the difference is between news coverage and an encyclopedia entry, doesn't it?

Jason's entry today also links to blogs covering the bombings (and news coverage of blogs covering the bombings).


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