Sunday, September 11, 2005

A lesson in grassroots help, post Katrina
by Ron Lichty

How can community and collaboration software help in the aftermath of a disaster?

How do organizations use community and collaboration tools to be more effective?

(What should FEMA be doing? What should it have done?)

In her Mom's Rule post on her Full Circle Online Interaction blog, Nancy White recounts how one woman in Santa Cruz, Grace, reads the CraigsList SOS for help to the shelters from a Mississippi volunteer, super mom Victoria, and offers to be the dispatcher -- via blog, naturally. Read it at Hurricane Katrina Direct Relief!.

Make you think at all about the Howard Dean campaign and what they accomplished, from the grassroots of technology?

While you’re looking at the site, click “Start Here”, or see if there’s something they need that you’ve got.

Back to Full Circle Online Interaction, Nancy's focus since Katrina struck has been community building and communication online. Lots there.


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